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Community Involvement

We Rise By Lifting Others

At Sanctuary Vacation Rentals, we believe in giving back to the Carmel community in which we live and work. We are committed to giving back to those in need of housing, warmth, and food, including our four-legged friends. Giving back to the community builds hope and self-worth, teaches us compassion and acceptance and results in a better community for everybody.

At Sanctuary, we are supporting these local charities:

Annee & Gracee

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

In 2024 Sanctuary Vacation Rentals will donate $5 per pet-friendly rental up to $5,000 to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. The dontation program was inspired by Gracee Blossom Joy, a 6 year-old shelter puppy that owners Annee and David adopted after she was found wandering the streets of Salinas in pretty bad condition. She was given a tremendous amount of attention, love and care from her foster parent family and their five dogs, so much so that she has no fear of anyone or any dog and wags her tail at everyone she meets. Gracee has been proclaimed the Sanctuary ambassador of goodwill and joy because everyone she touches is left feeling better. It is in her honor and all pets of our staff, owners and guest that we partner with Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.

 Animal Friends Rescue Project


POMDR’s mission:

POMDR’s mission is to be a resource and advocate for senior dogs and senior people on California’s Central Coast. 

Additional info:

POMDR focuses on helping senior dogs and senior people from Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties.

They find loving foster and forever homes for dogs whose guardians can no longer care for them and for senior dogs in shelters. They also provide volunteer and financial assistance so seniors can keep their pets with them as long as possible. In addition, they make pre-arrangements to take in dogs should their guardians become unable to care for them.

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News Release from Peace of Mind Dog Rescue:
Sanctuary Vacation Rentals to Partner With Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

Sanctuary donates $5,000

Animal Friends Rescue Project

We are very excited to share that we have a new partner who will support us in helping more senior dogs and senior people this year.

Sanctuary Vacation Rentals (SVR) has been dedicated to animal welfare in our community for many years. This year, they have chosen to support POMDR. In 2024, SVR will donate a percentage of their pet-friendly vacation rentals to POMDR, pledging up to $5,000!

The whole SVR team has a soft spot for rescued dogs and has opened their homes to quite a few special pups over the years. It all started with SVR's ambassador of goodwill, Gracee, who was adopted by SVR founder, Annee, and her husband. In honor of Gracee, they continue to give back to local animal rescue organizations.

A special "thank you" goes to SVR's general manager, Josh, and his two rescued pups, Hazy and Frank, for showing us around one of their pet-friendly vacation rentals (see above). If you have family or friends coming into town with their dogs, check out SVR's rentals. They are beautiful and a great choice for a fun vacation with pups.

Thank you for helping senior dogs and senior people!

Carie Broecker
Executive Director/C0-Founder

Monica Rua

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue is a resource and advocate for senior dogs and senior people of California's Central Coast.

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