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Real Estate & Long-Term Rentals

Managing your home as a vacation or listing your home for sale as a vacation rental

Sanctuary Homes Group, a division of Sanctuary Vacation Rentals Inc. reaches thousands of vacationers each year and brings them to the Monterey Peninsula.

These vacationers are potential buyers for your home and many of them stay at our properties for several months in order to check out the area. Because we are able to produce actual rental statistics that show a higher than usual occupancy we are able to help sell your home by being leaders in the vacation rental business.

If you already have a relationship with a real estate agent then we are happy to work with them to bring you a buyer.

In business since 2006, Sanctuary Vacation Rentals Inc is a full service Real Estate Company offering professional Property Management, Rentals and Sales in one of the most desirable vacation areas in the world - The beautiful Monterey Peninsula.

Purchasing a home as a vacation rental

For those looking to purchase a home as an investment or to one day retire, now is your opportunity to make a long-term investment in the Monterey Peninsula that offers both financial and lifestyle benefits. From classic Carmel Cottages to Pebble Beach Luxury Homes we look forward to making your dream come true.

Our knowledgeable real estate agents have experience not only on the Monterey Peninsula, but also with current changes in the economy and market trends. Please call one of our Sanctuary Homes real estate professionals today: 831-373-7103

Real Estate Referrals

We have many wonderful ongoing relationships with Real Estate Professionals who represent clients that are interested in potentially purchasing a home and making it into a vacation home. We are able to help you help your client by being the authority on Vacation Rentals and taking you off the hook. We provide a full financial Performa that gives your client all the information to make an informed decision whether a house meets the criteria to make a successful vacation rental or not. We are even available to give an estimate as to what the investment would be to purchase furniture, linens, accessories. We have a great team of professional design staff who can provide the design services to decorate and outfit the home.

We pay a referral fee, sign a non-compete form that your client remains your client and we even put your cards in any house that you were instrumental in having your client purchase. Many of our rental homes have come from these rewarding relationships with our realtor community. Please call us today: 831-373-7103

Long-Term Rentals - Furnished/Unfurnished

We represent Long Term Rentals that are furnished. There are some areas on the Peninsula that actually do better as a Long Term Rental.

We have been able to help provide housing to those who find themselves in many unfortunate circumstances with no warning such as the the Big Sur fires, flood damage, mold, remodeling, divorce, medical treatment. We also provide housing to DLI and the Naval Post Graduate School, Parents of Stevenson students and job relocation families and those looking to purchase.

There is a great need for Long Term Furnished Homes as most furnished homes are rented out as a vacation rental at market high rents.  We are happy to help find a long term rental for those needing furnished homes as well as to meet with perspective owners to see if your home would work to be in our portfolio.

We will consider managing your home if it is not furnished. These homes must be something that we are proud to represent and in exchange we promise to bring quality tenants and to make sure your home stays in great condition and is well cared for. Please Call us today or email [email protected]