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Gracee Blossom Joy

Ambassador of Goodwill

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One of the most important members of the Sanctuary team is also the smallest team member — and the cutest. Gracee Blossom Joy is a 6-year-old shelter puppy that Annee and David Martin adopted from the Animal Friends Rescue Project (AFRP) after she was found wandering the streets of Salinas in pretty bad condition. She was given a tremendous amount of attention, love and care from her foster parent family and their five dogs, so much so that she has no fear of anyone or any dog and wags her tail at everyone she meets.

Gracee has been proclaimed the Sanctuary Ambassador of Goodwill because everyone she meets is left feeling better.

“My life has totally changed and I am now in total service to her happiness as she is to mine. I spend more time in the present moment just BEING with her as she entertains herself and me,” says Annee. “I bring her to work in the afternoon and she makes our staff smile and laugh. No matter what is going on she can bring a smile to anyone.”

Gracee has quite the personality. She looks like Benji, the movie dog, and she is about as cute as they come. She is by her nature, pure joy. She makes for a great ambassador for Sanctuary and when she gets a little older, Annee plans to get her trained as a therapy dog to visit nearby hospitals, nursing homes and maybe even prisons.

“How people feel when they are in her presence — love, joy, delight, happy— it’s what Sanctuary is all about in trying to give our guests the best experience possible when they come to the Monterey Peninsula and stay in our homes,” says Annee. “We want our homes to nurture and inspire, and that is what Gracee does every time she gets someone to smile.”