Carmel Valley

Sunny Carmel Valley, with its combination of residential areas, ranchettes with horse corrals and full-fledged ranches, has, in recent years, become a Central Coast wine destination. Rustic Carmel Valley Village, some 12 miles inland from Carmel, is filled with tasting rooms from such venerable local wineries as Talbot, Bernardus, Cima Collina, Silvestri and Parsonage, to mention but a few. The valley has a more laid-back feel than other communities of the Peninsula, but its highly sophisticated population has allowed numerous fine restaurants and boutiques to flourish. The prestigious Bernardus Lodge captures the Western feel of the area while offering first-class accommodations and gourmet dining. Golfers can play a round in the sunny warmth of Carmel Valley Ranch, while equestrian delights can be enjoyed at Holman Ranch.

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3799 Carmel Valley Retreat

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Carmel Valley



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3826 Hacienda on the Hill

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