Good Neighbor Policy

Good Neighbor Policy for Monterey County

The ability to be able to continue to rent private homes as a vacation rental is being threatened by a group of citizens who feel their privacy and rights are being invaded. We believe that the best way to alleviate neighborhood tensions or animosity to vacation rentals is to practice “good neighbor” policies and responsibly care for our neighbor’s rights. We ask that guests recognize Sanctuary Vacation Rentals dedication to maintaining a peaceful family atmosphere for all residents and visitors of Big Sur and Monterey County. We belong to an orginazation called BSBED ( and Monterey County Vacation Rentals Coalition ( whose members pledge to inform all of our guests about local laws, subdivision rules, beach rules, safety and respect for the neighborhood. We are a self-regulating group made up of individual homeowner’s, vacation rental managers representing homeowners, local business members, concerned citizens and our neighbors.

There is a 24/7 Hot Line for neighbors to report disrespectful or inappropriate behavior possibly resulting in citations, fines and expulsion from the rented property.

Guests are asked to abide by the following…
Please help us by following the Good Neighbor Code of Conduct

Guest Code of Conduct

Please respect the neighborhood and your neighbor’s right to quiet enjoyment of their home. Loud Music and noise is prohibited. Quiet time: 10pm to 8 am, please be a good neighbor!

Overnight guests shall not exceed the property’s posted occupancy. Only Registered Guests shall occupy the Rental Property unless written permission has been given.

All rental properties are designated for residential use consistent with the Monterey County Ordinance. Large groups, receptions or like/kind events are not allowed.

Cars parked on premises shall not exceed published parking capacity of property. Cars must be parked in the driveway or designated parking area of the rental property. Parking in neighboring yards or driveways of rental property is prohibited. Vehicles will not be driven or parked where not allowed. Please do not use neighbors driveway to turn around.

Posted street signage (speed limits, parking, etc) will be obeyed.

Motor homes, campers, and tents are prohibited and may not be parked or hooked up at rental property.

Charcoal grilling on a deck is strictly prohibited; it is a fire hazard.

Only registered pets are allowed in designated rental properties. Leash laws must be obeyed and no pets are allowed on the beach except where allowed. Please do not leave your dog home alone barking. Carmel is known for its friendly Restaurants and Parks.

Help keep Monterey clean! Garbage will be bagged securely and placed in the trash bins provided. City Code requires all trash bins to be rolled to the curb the night before the appropriate pick up day & returned to house within 24 hours.

No “butts on the beach”; cigarette butts shall be properly disposed of.

Guests will bring written directions with them and confirm with owner prior to arrival in order to not disturb our neighbors if you are lost.